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Who we are

Beauty By The Bay Dalily

The Bay Area Daylily Buds is a local daylily society affiliated with the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) and is a non-profit  organization.  Our  mission is to educate, grow, and share information concerning the daylily (Hemerocallis). Our goal is to bring the versatile, hardy and beautiful modern daylily to the forefront of Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula gardens, and encourage new generations of gardeners to grow, enjoy, and experience it.

The Bay Area Daylily Buds organization was started in 1999 by local daylily enthusiasts Leo Bordeleau, Phil Korth, and Luella Korth.  Membership has grown steadily, to the point that the club now has over 70 members.  The club continues to add programming, activities, and opportunities for members and our community. In July of 2004 and 2014, the B.A.D. Buds hosted the AHS Region 2 Summer Meeting.  AHS Region 2 is comprised of daylily gardeners, hybridizers, and enthusiasts from the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.  The meeting is the high point of the summer for many Midwest daylily folk.

New members are welcome and we know you will enjoy our club and it's activities.


Annual Sale

The B.A.D. Buds Annual Sale is the club's main fundraiser for the year. Daylilies for the sale are donated by members and are also dug from the club flower beds at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. Thus all are locally grown and hardy for our area. Plants are sold bare root and pictures are posted to show the beauty of the daylilies being sold.

For years the annual sale was held at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens the Saturday after Labor Day. Due to scheduling changes the annual sale is now hosted by Larry's Bellevue Gardens. The change of location now enables the club to extend the sale to a two day sale - the Saturday and Sunday after Labor Day. It also has enabled the B.A.D. Buds to invite other garden clubs to join in the fun of their annual sale. 

The proceeds of the sale help fund the club activities for the year.


Click here for a partial list of daylilies for the sale.  Many more will be available during the sale. Pictures and information for each can be found in American Daily Society's database. Click here to go to the database search website.

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