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Sunlight & Mulch

Daylilies love sun.  A minimum of six hours of full sun is needed for proper growth and flowering.  Some cultivars do better with more or less sun.  Protection from mid and late afternoon sun, if possible,  will help flower color to remain more consistent.    Flowers which withstand the sun's heat are said to be "sun fast."  Almost all light-colored flowers perform quite well in this area, while red and purple daylilies are particularly susceptible to color change (melting) from the heat of the sun.   


Mulching daylilies is not usually necessary, but it is recommended for plants going through their first winter after planting.  Some evergreen and semi-evergreen varieties may require mulching every year due to marginal hardiness in Wisconsin.  AHS Region 2 compiles an annual list of Popular Cultivars , through a poll, that may be good examples for our gardens

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